Devoted and intense for teaching? Seeking for a platform where you can get recognised by your expertise in teaching and not only impart knowledge but also inspire and motivate the students, where you can boost up your career profile by getting connected with professional experts altogether with lucrative?

The Perfect Place for You.

At, we thrive to create the world’s best class trainers and industry experts where they can publish the course in the way they want. The professionals create high quality content that echo, cutting across domains, especially Full Stack, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Deep Learning and NLP.

Let’s unite in this expedition!

What’s there for me?

This becomes a good question when the answer is that you, being a part of, can put forth the quality content you create, across the world, to the professionals which will boost up their existing skills, achieve new skills and foster the interest with advancement in their career.

The Money Context!

Every business ethics cover the part of valuing the time and effort of the individuals, so does the We understand that fair and flexible compensation is righteous and virtuous that is ought to be paid on time. With our revenue-sharing model, you get a boosting opportunity to earn thousands of dollars every month!


What does it take?

 1.   Lot of dedication for teaching and imparting knowledge

 2.   Realm of proficiency and significant certification

 3.  Great presentation and strong communication skills

 4.   An obligation to deliver the best-in-class training globally


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Expert Says

Expertifie does a great job of creating a fun environment that also motivates people to be their best. Expertifie have quarterly team exercises that are invaluable in getting everyone to learn well.
Sarath Kumar
Senior Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft
Expertifie provides a structured and thorough education curriculum that provides enough flexibility to instructors like myself to make the content engaging and valuable.
Anil Lokhande
SDE III at Amazon
What derives me to be trainer with Expertifie is their help and support which in turn helps enhance participants knowledge and expertise through training to boost their career opportunities.
Anil Agarwal
Senior Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft