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Data Structure & Algorithm Using Python

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About Course

Master the theory and application of Data Structures and Algorithms to excel in programming contests. Ace your coding interviews by implementing each algorithmic challenge in this specialisation.

  • 1 Year Access with Dynamically Updated Content.
  • Crack Internal Coding Test
  • Weekly Doubt Clearing Classes.
  • 100+ Leetcode video solutions with explanations.
  • Offered by ACM ICPC winners and MAANG engineers.
  • Student community, Github code review

Course Content

1. WarmUp session- 1

  • 1.1- Introduction to array and list
  • 1. 2 – Array Problem Find pair whose sum equal to given target Approach Discussion
  • 1.3 – Binary Search
  • 1.4 – Rotate an Array in clockwise
  • 1.5 – Search in a sorted Rotated array

2. Arrays

3. Complexity Discussion + Example

4. Complexity + Binary Search + Recursion

5. Complexity + Quick Short

6. Merge Short, Generate sum from 2 number Maximum sum of k sized sub Array, Slidding window

7. Link List

8. LInkList Loop Detection, Doubly Liked List

9. Stack’s Next Greater Element, Balanced Brackets, Previous Greater Element, List with Random

10. Trapping Rain Water,Min stack, Queue, Stack to Queue, Queue to Stack

11. Stock Snap Problem, Histogram Problem

12. Priority Queue

13. Binary Tree, Pre Order Traversal, Post Order, In Order, Hight of Tree, Insertion in Tr

14. LCA Binary Tree, Print all root to leaf Path, Diameter of Tree

15. Sum Tree, Left view , right view

16. Trie , Heaps

17. Heapify , heapsort , Back Tracking

18. Maze Solver , N Queen Problem

19. Greedy Algorithm , Activiti Selection , Huffman encoding

20. Knapsack problem

21. Dynamic Programing, Subset sum problem , Equal sum partition

22. knapsack problem , Subset sum , min number of ways , LCS of 2 strings

23. LCS Problem

24. Matrix chain multiplication, Palindrom partition , Minimum edit distance

25. Graph, Disjoint set, Union

26. Graph creation , BFS , DFS , cyclic acyclic graph , MST

27. Prims algo MST , Shortest path , Topological Sort , Euler circuit Euler path

28. Bellman Ford, Strongly connected component

Leetcode Video Solutions

Technical Mock Interview

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31 Ratings
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2 years ago
Best data structure training
Sonu SMR S.R
2 years ago
Great work by expertifie team, Keep it up
2 years ago
Best place to clarify urs doubt and learn creative things
2 years ago
Best place to master Python & data science.
2 years ago
Best institute for data , computer courses learning
Deepak Pathania
2 years ago
Best institute for data structure training
2 years ago
dsa online meetup sessions are really helpful
Ravi Mishra
2 years ago
dsa online meetup sessions are really helpful
Akash Sharma
2 years ago
Great materials and contents. Surely recommended!
2 years ago
Best online DSA course for MAANG
2 years ago
Would like to recommend expertifie to all the professionals who are trying to get in FAANG/MAANG companies and also freshers who are preparing for placements
2 years ago
Impressed with the quality of data structure & algorithm\'s course, content delivered and concept are crystal clear.
Ankit Gupta
2 years ago
Excellent data structure course with many challenging enough problems and questions. I liked this institute and tutors.
I took amazon from wipro. Very cheap and best course.the DSA course from Expertifie, and I developed in depth understanding. I was able to get into
2 years ago
Best Data structure training, leetcode Amazon problem solving session was very helpful.
2 years ago
Self paced course is very good covered all the latest problems asked in FAANG DSA interview.
Offering are really great, dsa lifetime access, Mocks, leetcode free subscription, doubt session free the class etc, thanks expertifie.
2 years ago
Best software training institute
2 years ago
best place to have a command over data structure
2 years ago
place where we have a command over data structure for an best experience