Advanced Software System Design With Projects for FAANG Interviews

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About Course

Enroll in our top-rated online system design course for the best preparation in system design interview questions. Tailored for career changers eyeing opportunities at Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Meta, this 1-2 month program covers High-Level Design (HLD), Low-Level Design (LLD), and Design Patterns. Unlike general self-paced courses, ours is finely tuned for success in technology company interviews. Led by a seasoned senior architect with 13+ years at Amazon, gain practical insights into system design principles and a nuanced understanding of real-world applications in Azure, ReactJS, C# and Java. This course is your key to cracking interviews successfully and advancing your role in the tech industry. Perfect for interview preparation or career advancement, this course ensures you gain the skills needed for success in system design interviews.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Explore MAANG's top-rated online system design course for architects. Dive deep into critical topics such as scaling, load balancing, data layers, and design patterns. Gain practical insights into web crawlers, notification frameworks, and more. Master distributed messaging queues, storage systems, and fundamental design principles. Prepare confidently with technical interview sessions. Elevate your skills with the best system design course for architects.

Course Content

01. [HLD] Servers and Clients

  • 10:29
  • What compute does a server do?
  • Concurrency and parallelism in computing
  • How do systems respond to requests ?
  • Understanding Clients
  • Processing Requests
  • What is frontend in a system ?
  • A general system design construct
  • How to scale any system?

02. [HLD] Components of Software System

03. [HLD] Design a Rate Limiter

04. [HLD] Design Consistent Hashing

05. [HLD] Design a Key Value DB

06. [HLD] Design a Web Crawler

07. [HLD] Design a Notification system

08. [HLD] Design Real time chatting – WhatsApp

09. [HLD] Design a Proximity Based System – Swiggy/zomato

10. [HLD] Design NearBy Friends in Facebook

11. [HLD] Design a Distributed Messaging Queue

12. [HLD] Design a AWS S3 like storage – Azure blob, AWS S3

13. [HLD] Design Google Maps

14. [HLD] Design a Payments System

01. [LLD] Introduction to Low Level Design

02. [LLD] Factory and Abstract Factory Design Pattern – Using Chess

03. [LLD] Builder and Facade Design Pattern – Using Rest API

04. [LLD] Singleton and State Design Pattern – Using Azure SQL and Vending Machine

05. [LLD] Decorator and Strategy Design Pattern – Using Amazon Premium, Chess as a Service and Trading Algorithms

06. [LLD] Chain of Responsibility and Proxy Design Pattern – Using Logger

07. [LLD] Adapter and Observer Design Pattern – Using Payment Gateway and Stock Trading

08. [LLD] Prototype and Command Design Pattern – Using Real Life examples

09. [LLD] SOLID Principles and best practices

Project #1. Chess as a Service – Azure/ReactJS/CosmosDB

Project #2. Mass Email/Notification Service – Azure Notification Service/ReactJS/SQL

Project #3. TinyURL – Azure/CSHTML/CosmosDB

Project #4. Realtime Group Chat – Websockets/SQL/Azure

Technical Mock Interviews

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