Is it difficult to get into Google, Facebook, or Apple?

Getting into any FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) company is difficult, as tech interviews at these companies are significantly challenging and difficult.

It is, however, very possible to land your dream offers at these companies – by preparing extensively to crack these interviews.

Technical interviews at FAANG companies are essentially centered around questions pertaining to data structures and algorithms and systems design. All you need to do is polish your programming skills and solve several coding problems.

A lot of the time, candidates practice hundreds of problems on Leetcode, but still end up in the throes of rejection.

The catch here is that simply solving problems isn’t going to cut it. Recognizing patterns in problems, and approaching questions based on identifying inherent patterns within them is key to cracking these interviews. By approaching coding questions this way, you essentially become an effective problem solver – which is precisely what these top companies look for in candidates.

Working at Facebook feels nicer because of all the perks and advantages. Chances are your base salary will be higher, and your stock is tradable! So, it’s much safer to work at Facebook. Facebook has lots of challenging and unique problems to solve due to its humongous scale. On the flip side, Facebook culture is extremely heavy. Some will find it exalting, others insufferable.

On the other hand, Google is really big. There are multiple teams doing the same thing and don’t know about each other. There are teams that strongly believe that other teams should not exist. There are giant sections of Google that have been described as “non-Google” because of culture drift and acquisitions.

Facebook is much smaller, and while you won’t know everyone (or even the majority), you will probably recognize 25% of the engineers. There is sometimes duplication of work, but it is almost always intentional. Facebook is growing, and there is no reason to believe that the problems at Google won’t start showing up, but it has not happened so far.

Because of its size, Google can place big bets, and try ambitious world-changing things. A project that makes a 10s of million dollars is not interesting enough for them to even try. There are many ambitious projects, most of which fail, but the successes are pretty inspiring. They can support world-class research into anything computer-science related, and beyond. So, if being at the frontier of computer science is what you want, and you are good enough to convince the Google management structure to not place you into one of the many critical but not very interesting teams, Google might be the place for you.

Google has some amazing engineers. There are people at Google that have made the computer industry into what it is today. It is very unlikely that you will work with, or interact with those people. In general, the quality of the people you work with will still be very high, especially if you find yourself in one of the core teams (Search or Ads). There is a good number of academics, and Googlers are often seen presenting their work at top-tier conferences.

Because Google is so big, management plays a much bigger role. There are many VPs, directors, managers, and tech-leads. Google’s culture is that decisions should be distributed, and made bottom up. This means engineers, and project teams have a lot of freedom, but it makes it difficult for teams to cooperate.

But, along the way you may spend days, weeks, or months down the wrong path. Or have to fight politically for your solution. And of course, deal with changing priorities at work. Even when you finish your work, nobody necessarily knows what the right answer is, so how do they evaluate how good a job you did? And how long it took you to do it?

Working is much harder than interviewing, at least at Google. It’s also much more fun and more rewarding.

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